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What is meant by root?

In mathematics, root means that some ‘x’ number is of another number which is further multiplied by itself again ‘n’ number of times in order to equal itself to ‘x’. There are 2 types of root which are generally known as the square root as well as the cube root. As these 2 words say, the meaning is similar (to them) wherein square root means the 2nd root while on the other hand, cube root means that it is the 3rd root.

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What is a square root?

In mathematics, the square root is stated to be the number ‘s’ happens to be a number ‘y’ in the form of y2 = a where the number a is said to be the square of y. The best example for this one would be 3 as in 32 = 9.

What do you mean by cube root?

On the other hand, we also have something known as cube root which is stated to be the cube root of some number let us say x is that number & the equation for this one would be the a3 = x. In addition to this, almost all the numbers which are real apart from zero will certainly have at the least 1 real cube root besides the pair of the complex conjugate cube roots & that non – zero complex numbers.

How to calculate the square root or the cube root of a number?

If you are looking forward to use the root calculator then the steps mentioned below will guide you through the entire process. All the users have to do remember the formula for a root & that is \( \sqrt[n]{x}\). First enter n followed by x & click on the tab calculate to know the result.

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Formula to calculate root

In order to know the formula for the root, an individual will be able to make use of the given below details which includes an example as well. Keep reading to find the formula to calculate root.

E.g. find \( \sqrt{6}\)  to 4 decimal places

As 22 = 4 & 32 = 9,\( \sqrt{6}\) is between 2 as well as 3. Let us assume that the number be 2. 5 then if we square it, we will have the following number 2. 52 = 6. 25. Given below is how we can find the root.

Estimate Square of the estimate High / low
2. 4 5. 76 Too low
2. 45 6. 0025 Too high but really close
2. 449 5. 997601 Too low
2. 4495 6. 00005025 Too high so the square root of 6 has to be between 2. 449 & 2. 4495.
2. 4493 5. 99907049 Too low
2. 4494 5. 99956036 Too low, hence the square root of 6 has to be between 2. 4494 & 2. 4495
2. 44945 5. 9998053025 Too low, therefore the square root of 6 should be between 2. 44945 & 2. 4495.

Finally, we can say that the \( \sqrt{6}\) can be said to be 2. 4495.