Scientific Calculator

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What is a scientific calculator?

Basically a scientific calculator is nothing but a type of the electronic calculator which has been designed specifically keeping in mind the calculations related to not only mathematics but also engineering & science. These calculators have also to a great extent replaced the slide rules in the traditional applications.

Functions of scientific calculators

The modern functions of a scientific calculator include the following – scientific notation, logarithmic functions using base 10 as well as base e, floating point arithmetic, exponential functions & the roots beyond the square root, trigonometric functions (includes hyperbolic trigonometry), quick access to pi & e constants.

The high – end scientific calculators come with the below given aspects – complex numbers, cursor controls to edit the equations & view the previous calculations, fractions calculations, hexadecimal, binary & the octal calculations & this includes the Boolean math, programmability, statistics & probability calculations, calculus, equation solving, conversion of the units, matrix calculations, physical constants, letters which can be made use of when spellings words or even including variables in an equation.

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Basic operations of a scientific calculator

Operation Function
+ Addition
Subtraction (not negative)
x Multiplication (there is often an x key for variables as well)
÷ Division
^ Raise to the power of
yx y to the power of x
√ or Sqrt Square root
ex Exponential
sin Sine function
sin^{-1} Inverse sine function
cos Cosine function
cos^{-1} Inverse cosine function
tan Tangent function
tan^{-1} Inverse tangent function
ln Log to the base of e
log Log base 10
(-) or neg Denotes negative number
() Parentheses for denoting order of operations
π Inserts pi
Mode Switches between degrees and radians
MS Writes entered number to the memory
M+ Adds entered number to the number stored in the memory
M- Subtracts entered number from the number stored in the memory
MR Stores x in memory
MC Erases the stored number from the memory
rate Set the exchange rate for conversion
Convert x from currency $ to currency €
$ Convert x from currency € to currency $
% Displays sum result as a percentage

Uses of a scientific calculator

As a matter of fact, these scientific calculators are widely used in places where access to the mathematical functions is necessary especially the trigonometric functions besides the logarithms. These scientific calculators are also made use of when there are either large or quite small numbers. Even in physics / chemistry / astronomy, scientific calculators find their use. Now – a – days, they are also used right from high school level to the college level specifically in mathematics.

How to use a scientific calculator?

To make use of a scientific calculator, an individual can click on the numbers apart from the operator to know the answer. Moreover, this scientific calculator which is available on the site is quite user friendly hence, no one would find any sort of trouble when they put in to use the scientific calculator from this site.