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What is the meaning of speed?

Speed of an object, in kinematics means that it is the magnitude of the velocity which happens to be the rate of the change of its position. Therefore, it can be said to be the scalar quantity. When it comes to average speed then this average speed of an object in a given interval of time is stated to be the distance travelled by the object which is further divided by the duration of the interval.

Speed Calculator


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And if the instantaneous speed is concerned then it is the limit of average speed because the duration of the time interval would be approaching 0. Another aspect of speed is that it has numerous dimensions of distance which are divided by time.

Definition of speed

Speed of an object can be defined to be the total distance travelled which is divided by the time taken for an object to cover that distance. In addition to this, speed has only the magnitude as it is in no way related to a vector which consists of direction as well as magnitude. On the other hand, magnitude can be defined to be either the amount or the size of the term or it can also be as – at what distance the term is from 0.

What is the formula to calculate speed?

If you wish to calculate speed then the formula given below is to be used –

\(speed\,= \, \frac{total \, distance }{total \, time }\)

The above formula can be written in the following manner as well –

\(v\, = \, \frac {d}{t}\)

\(wherein,\, v\, means\, speed,\, distance\, =\, d \, and\, t\, =\, time \)

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Units of speed

  1. Metres per second (symbol m s-1 or m / s), the SI derived unit;
  2. Kilometres per hour (symbol km / h);
  3. Miles per hour (symbol mi / h or mph);
  4. Knots (nautical miles per hour, symbol kn or kt);
  5. Feet per second (symbol fps or ft / s);
  6. Mach number is the speed divided by the speed of sound;
  7. In natural units, speed is divided by the speed of light in vacuum (symbol c = 299792458 m / s).

Conversions between the common units of speed

M / s Km / h Mph Knot Ft / s
1 m / s 1 3.6 2.236936 1.943844 3.280840
1 km / h 0. 277778 1 0.621371 0.539957 0.911344
1 mph 0.44704 1.609344 1 0.868976 1.466667
1 knot 0.514444 1.852 1.150779 1 1.687810
1 ft / s 0.3048 1.09728 0.681818 0.592484 1

How to use a speed calculator (online)?

When the online speed calculator is to be put in to use then the user will have to enter the details mentioned below in the online calculator. The details that are to be entered are distance & the others. One has to keep the fact in mind that this distance unit can be selected from the drop down list which has units such as miles, metres, kilometres or yards. Next enter the time along with hours, minutes & seconds. Finally click on calculate to know the speed.