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What is meant by speed?

Speed can essentially be recalled to be the magnitude of the velocity of an object. And this definition remains unchanged in the day to day life as well as in kinematics. Another aspect to be kept in mind is that velocity means the rate of the change of the position of the object. Therefore, as speed turns out to be like the ones stated above, it is known to be a scalar quantity. On the other hand, if you look at the average speed then it is defined to be the distance travelled by a certain object & which is divided by duration of interval.

Speed Converter


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Instantaneous speed on the other hand is defined to be the limit of average speed because the duration of time interval happens to approach 0. In addition to this, the dimensions of speed which speed has are generally divided by time. On the other hand, the SI unit of speed is nothing but metre per second while in general use it is either kilometre per hour or miles per hour. Knot is the term for air as well as marine travel.

Formula used to convert speed

\(speed\,=\, \frac{total\, distance}{total \,time}\)



\(wherein,v= speed,distance=d \,and \,t=time \)

In the above equation distance is measured in terms of mile or km whereas time is checked in hours.

Example to convert mph to kph

\(remember \, that \, 1 \, mile \, = \, 1.6093440 \, km \, and \,  km= \, 0.6214 \, miles\)

\(95 \,mph\,=\, ?\,kph \)

\(\Rightarrow \frac{95 \,mile}{1\, hour} \, \times \, \frac{1.6093440 \,km}{1\, mile}=152.887 \,kph\)

Formula used to convert speed

\(\frac{number \,of\, miles}{1\, hour}\, \times \, \frac{1.6093440 \, km}{1 \,mile}\)

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Speed conversion table

M / s Km / h Mph Knot Ft / s
1 m / s 1 3.6 2.236936 1.943844 3.280840
1 km / h 0. 277778 1 0.621371 0.539957 0.911344
1 mph 0.44704 1.609344 1 0.868976 1.466667
1 knot 0.514444 1.852 1.150779 1 1.687810
1 ft / s 0.3048 1.09728 0.681818 0.592484 1

What are the units of speed?

The units of speed are as follows – Metres per second (symbol m s-1 or m / s), the SI derived unit; Kilometres per hour (symbol km / h); Miles per hour (symbol mi / h or mph); Knots (nautical miles per hour, symbol kn or kt); Feet per second (symbol fps or ft / s); Mach number is the speed divided by the speed of sound & in natural units, speed is divided by the speed of light in vacuum (symbol c = 299792458 m / s).

How to use an online speed converter tool?

When you have to use the online speed conversion tool, you would be required to 1st enter the value in the field marked for it & then select the unit from the drop down menu. After this you will have to select the unit in which speed is to be converted in to. Click on the convert tab to know the result. However, if you wish then you can also click on the reset tab to re – enter the details before you finally click on convert option.