Tax Calculator

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Calculating tax is one of the most important things that you have to take care of because these income tax calculators or sales tax calculators help you to know how much tax you pay every year. They also help you understand about the amount that you save every year. In addition you learn how to calculate income tax for salaried person.

What is income tax?

Income tax is one of the many taxes that individuals have to pay to their government on yearly basis. Tax amount keeps changing from person to person because it depends on your income.

While in some cases income tax for companies has a different name and it is corporate tax and at times it is also known as company tax.

Tax calculator online

This online tax calculator also has sales tax calculator which would help you to calculate tax online. Further income tax estimator gives you knowledge of tax return estimator that means you have approximate idea as to how much tax you pay.

Check tax brackets with income tax return

There is also option for knowing if you are in tax bracket or not. In this way you know which tax bracket you are in and according to that you file taxes. Now you keep reading to know different federal tax brackets apart from tax calculators of various countries.

Below you find income tax calculator by state as well as federal income tax rate calculator by state. We gave total income tax calculator also so that you have an idea of how to calculate income tax.

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  1. US income tax rate calculator

Online US income tax rate calculator or federal and state income tax calculator helps you to calculate tax when you are in any state of United States. As a result you calculate fed income tax for New York, California, New Jersey, San Francisco and other states in the US.

Federal and state income tax calculator US

You remember one more thing here and it is that Federal Government, Local Government and State Government are responsible for levying and collection of taxes. Apart from this by calculating fed income tax you know what is your take home pay check at the end of the year.

Taxes as most of you know are very important part of a government and for an individual of the state. So you may also think of knowing how much money will you take home after calculation of taxes.

And if you wish to calculate US federal income tax then click on following link. This link takes you to online federal income tax calculator.

  1. United Kingdom income tax calculator

UK income tax calculator helps you to calculate tax amount that you pay in one year. You also know about amount that you take home apart from PAYE. You even have idea of deduction of National Insurance or NI and thereby know how much tax and other deductions you pay annually.

UK net salary calculator

Calculating tax for salaried people is also simple task because of this online UK take home tax calculator; whether you are working for some company or you are self – employed you have to pay taxes.

However authorities calculate tax only after calculation of income and tax bracket your income falls in to while tax authorities also consider age factor and other investments that you make before they tell you exact amount to be paid.

There is also option for you to calculate this tax amount before only so that you accordingly plan your whole schedule for the year. In this way you are in a position to organise financial expenses and no one faces problems at the end. So if you are looking for a way to find out how much tax do you pay when in United Kingdom then you check our calculator.

By clicking on following link you calculate UK income tax online. On this page you find online facility to calculate taxes.

  1. Indian income tax calculator

In India also you pay taxes however tax amount that every individual in India pays depends on income. Hence if you are not sure about amount that you have to pay every year in the form of taxes, this online income tax calculator for India gives you complete information about how to calculate income tax for salaried person or other self – employed person.

This information is useful to you because you would be able to know about your tax payments in one year. In case you have any other deductions such as charity donations or insurance or medical policy or loans then you can add those details as well.

Online income tax calculator India

You however add details of other sources of income and the amount you receive from there as this information is also necessary to finally know amount to be paid to the government. To help you find out total information on how to calculate income tax in India you use our online Indian tax calculator.

Moreover to use this calculator you click on link given here so that you directly go and start using online take home Indian salary calculator

  1. Australia income tax calculator

This online Australia income tax calculator tells you about tax amount that you have to pay every year. In addition you come to know about tax refund by using Australia income tax estimator or in other words from now on you find out about total taxable income while income tax rates are based on income of a particular year.

This also includes residency status of an individual. Non – residents pay higher taxes compared to residents and they do not have any sort of tax – free threshold.

This rule does not apply to part year residents as authorities allow them to make use of part year tax – free threshold.

Australian net salary calculator

You have information of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly income with the help of Australia salary calculator. When using this calculator you enter correct values only because information that you provide in fields given tells you about tax amount. It tells you as to which tax bracket you fall as well.

It is a simple income tax calculator that lets you be informed regarding total taxable income apart from taxes applicable on the income entered in the field.

You have a look at our online Australian income tax calculator to determine amount that you pay in form of taxes to the Government of Australia and to know this amount you click on following link.

  1. Canadian income tax calculator

You might be aware of the fact that there are many types of taxes in Canada and this relies on taxation system in Canada; among various calculators, income tax calculation is one of them. Responsibility of this calculator is to calculate tax on salary of individuals.

This assessment of Canadian taxes can happen only when you know tax rates in Canada. On other hand Government of Canada takes care of taxation system in the state of Canada according to which tax amount varies from person to person.

Final tax amount to be paid depends on income as well as deductions from total tax. You also remember one simple fact that you get to know amount of tax only after entering a few values in fields given.

In case any value entered is not correct then whole calculation goes wrong. Therefore we advise you to check all values entered before finally clicking on ‘calculate’ tab.

Canadian annual income tax calculator

By using online income tax calculator for individuals you get to have information about taxes that people pay in Canada. It is also latest version of calculator because we updated Canadian income tax rates in order to get correct amount of taxes to be paid.

And to help you further we listed out online Canadian income tax calculator so that you are aware of the fact of taxes. Such a step helps you with information about taxes in different provinces in Canada.

It is so because when there are two types of taxes in Canada; one is Canadian Federal Tax while other one is Canadian Provincial Income Tax so it becomes necessary for you to pick correct type of tax. Accordingly you select province and fill other required details to know the answer.

Finally to make use of Canadian income tax calculator you click on as this link takes you to online simple Canadian tax calculator.

User – friendly tax calculators

Thus in a simple manner you calculate taxes in different countries in the world. Now that you are clear of steps to calculate income tax you keep reading to know how to calculate sales tax in countries from the world.

Below you find list of countries that have sales tax apart from methods for calculating sales tax online.

Introduction of Sales Tax calculator

What is sales tax?

Sales tax is one of the many taxes applicable in countries all over the world and as the name itself says it is sales tax calculator which means that it is a tax on sale of goods and services. These taxes are further paid to the governing body; as a result some of the countries in the world have sales tax in place.

On other hand some countries have brought in GST or Goods and Services Taxes in place of sales tax.

Sales tax rate

As far as this sales tax calculator is concerned it helps you to calculate sales tax in countries like Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America. We have given online sales tax calculator as well as formula to calculate sales tax so that you may use any one of them.

You remember most important thing here and it is that this online sales tax calculator gives you an idea of tax amount that you pay against sales tax on goods and services. It also does not give any sort of guarantee that results from this calculator are correct.

The reason behind such a statement is that answers to this online sales tax calculation rely on values entered. Therefore it is compulsory for you to enter correct values only and fill all the required fields. In this way you will have approximate knowledge of how much tax you should pay on said product or service.

How do I calculate sales tax online?

Process for calculating sales tax is simple as well as easy and this is the main aim of calculators – converters site as we aim to make easy and user – friendly calculators which would help you to calculate sales tax rate on different products.

Sales tax rates

You also remember that sales tax rates differ from product to product and country to country. It is because of this that you should have knowledge of how to calculate sales tax. Below we listed out some of the sales tax calculators.

By using these calculators you calculate sales tax in United States, UK sales tax and Canadian sales tax. You remember one more thing and it is that you enter correct data in the fields given so that you do not have any problem at the end.

  1. Canadian Sales Tax

When it comes to sales tax in Canada, the Government of Canada levies three types of taxes namely PST or Provincial Sales Tax, GST or Goods and Services Tax and HST or Harmonized Sales Tax. So when you stay in any place in Canada, it becomes a necessity for you to calculate sales tax before you file for tax returns.

The reason is simple here and it is that you would not have to pay extra taxes also while you get a chance to make strategies so that you are able to save your money.

Online sales tax calculator for Canada

You always keep it in mind that you select correct type of tax besides right province as Canadian tax rates in provinces may change. Only with proper concentration and knowledge of taxes it becomes simple tax to pay sales taxes in Canada.

Simple sales tax calculator

There are very simple steps that you use to calculate sales tax rates in particular province so when you follow them you can without any trouble know how much sales tax you pay for a particular duration or rather specified product.

You remember one more fact here and it is that you enter right details in the fields because if not done so then answer may go wrong at the end. To help you out with online and quick calculation of taxes you can look at online Canadian sales tax calculator.

And to use Provincial sales tax calculator for Canada you click on

  1. UK sales tax online calculator

There is sales tax in United Kingdom also and this is also known as VAT or value added tax. When it comes to paying taxes in UK you remember that you should pay taxes according to tax rates applicable in that particular state.

In case you are not aware of the UK tax rates then you do not worry because here we gave complete list of updated tax applicable in United Kingdom. By using these tax rates it will become an easy task for you to calculate tax annually.

How to calculate sales tax in UK

It is also important for you to understand one simple fact and it is that you should know how much sales tax is there on a specific product; so to help you in this aspect you can start using online sales tax calculator for United Kingdom.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is that you enter correct values in fields provided because this affects result at the end of calculation. In this way only you are aware of total sales tax amount on different products available in United Kingdom.

To make use of this online sales tax calculator for United Kingdom you click on below given link. It is so because this link takes you to directly to UK sales tax calculator

  1. US sales tax calculator

In United States of America individuals have to pay sales tax and this tax is levied only on goods and services; so whenever you purchase any goods and / or services you must be ready to pay tax on it and this tax is in the form of sales tax.

Taxable products in US

In US there are only a few products or items on which sales tax is applicable and these fall under taxable transfers of goods and / or services. In fact such a system helps in planning things in right manner as in what should be taxed and what should not be taxed.

US sales tax rates

Another most important thing to remember is tax rates in United States. The reason behind such a statement is that you should be aware of various sales tax rates applicable all over states in United States of America.

Sales tax rates in US

In United States of America government levies sales tax on transfers of goods and or services. As a result of which there are sales tax rates on products that determine total amount of the product. You must also remember one simple fact and it is that rates of these sales taxes keep changing and it depends on state where you are paying sales tax.

To help you further we gave US sales tax calculator that helps you to calculate sales tax for United States of America. You can simply use this calculator and know tax amount that you should pay to concerned authorities.

How to calculate US sales tax online

By clicking on following link you calculate sales tax in United States of America. This is online United States sales tax calculator so you just enter some details to know final answers.

Thus by using either sales tax calculator or income tax calculator you can calculate tax amounts easily.


Finally you must remember one and the most important thing and it is that these are only online sales tax and income tax calculators with the help of which we try to help you calculate tax amounts to be paid.

However we do not claim for answers to be correct as result of calculation depends on data entered in fields given on this page. Hence you (all user) must enter correct details in fields provided.