Temperature Converter – Basics

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What is meant by temperature in measurements?

The word, temperature is essentially a word that is used to in a comparative measurement form in order to know as to what would be the temperature of that particular object. In addition to this, temperature is measured by a thermometer. Another aspect is that there are a number of scales besides the units which are used so that temperature is measured.

Temperature Converter


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This list is inclusive of the most commonly used Celsius & this is denoted by °C, while Fahrenheit is represented by the following symbol °F apart from Kelvin which is denoted by K. As for the coldest theoretical temperature, it is stated to be absolute 0. At this temperature, thermal motion of not only atoms but also the molecules are said to be at the minimum. Thus, it can be even said that it is at this point that there could be a state of motionlessness however, quantum uncertainty is the order of the day & due to this, particles have finite 0 – point energy.

How is absolute 0 denoted?

This absolute zero is denoted in the following manner – (1) 0 K on a Kelvin scale (2) – 273. 15 °C on a Celsius scale & (3) on the Fahrenheit scale, it is stated to be denoted like that of – 459. 67 °F.

In addition to the above stated things, kinetic theory indicates clearly absolute temperature as it happens to be proportional to average kinetic energy in cases such as electrons, molecules, atoms which as it is known move quite freely in the material.

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Formulae related to converting temperature

  1. Celsius Temperature Conversion Formula

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion formula

\([^{o}F]=[^{o}C]\times \frac{9}{5}+32\)

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion formula


Celsius to Rankine Conversion formula

\([^{o}R]=[^{o}C]\,\times \frac{9}{5}+491.67\)

  1. Fahrenheit Temperature Conversion Formula

Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion formula

\([^{o}C]= ([^{o}F]- 32)\times \frac{ 5}{9}\)

Fahrenheit to Kelvin Conversion formula

\([K]= ([^{o}F]+459.67)\times \frac{ 5}{9}\)

Fahrenheit to Rankine Conversion formula

\([^{o}R]= [^{o}F]+459.67\)

  1. Kelvin Temperature Conversion Formula

Kelvin to Celsius Conversion formula

\([^{o}C]= [K]-273.15\)

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion formula

\([^{o}F]= [K]\times \frac{9}{5}-459.67\)

Kelvin to Rankine Conversion formula

\([^{o}R]= [K]\times \frac{9}{5}\)

  1. Rankine Temperature Conversion Formula

Rankine to Celsius Conversion formula

\([^{o}C]= [^{o}R]\times \frac{5}{9}-273.15\)

Rankine to Fahrenheit Conversion formula

\([^{o}F]= [^{o}R]-459.67\)

Rankine to Kelvin Conversion formula

\([K]= [^{o}R]\times \frac{5}{9}\)

How to use a temperature converter?

To make use of the online temperature converter, an individual will be required to enter the value that is to be converted in the field marked for it & then select the unit from which it is to be converted & to which unit it is to be converted. You can later click on the calculate tab to know the result but if you wish then you may click on the clear tab to re – enter the details. For your convenience, you would be able to select the unit from the drop down list available in the ‘from’ & ‘to’ columns.