Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are also called Terms of Use and these terms of use specify what is the use of websites. Hereafter Calculators Converters website will be referred as ‘this site’ / ‘our website’ / ‘us’ / ‘we’ / ‘us’ / ‘this website’ / ‘our’ / ‘our company’ / ‘the site’ or also ‘the website’.

Controlling of use of content happens because of Terms of Use of this site. Therefore it becomes compulsory for you to read all Terms and Conditions of this website so that you have idea of what are the changes in calculator converters website.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

When you use this site it means that you agree to Terms and Conditions of our site. Moreover these terms of use apply to all the readers and individuals using services of this site. This is the reason that we ask you to read these terms and conditions so that you are okay or agree with conditions or rules and regulations specified by our site.

Points to remember

We at Calculators Converters keep updating Terms of Use so it is best if you check these rules and regulations frequently.

Termination of services at calculators converters

There are chances of services of calculators converters being suspended without any prior notice. So in such case you will not know when were services of calculator converters suspended; that is why we tell you to read these Terms and Conditions on regular basis.

You should also read Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of calculators converters in order to have proper knowledge of policies of Calculators and Converters website.