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What is time?

Time essentially is stated to be the indefinite continued progress of the existence apart from the events which occur somewhat in an irreversible succession that too right from the past through present & to the future. As time turns out to be a component quantity which consists of numerous measurements that are used to sequence the events. An individual is allowed to compare duration of the events or intervals for that matter between the two.

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Besides this, it can be used to quantify the rates of change of the quantities either in conscious experience or for that matter in material reality. The interesting fact is that this time is generally referred as being the 4th dimension apart from the 3 spatial dimensions.

What is meant by a time zone?

There is another term which is related to time & it is known as time zone. Essentially this time zone turns out to be a region of this globe or rather earth which observe uniform standard time. Moreover, these time zones also follow boundaries of countries besides their subdivisions as it becomes easier for the areas to communicate & do business.

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Origins of time

As such even the historians are not aware as to when was this time invented. It is just known that the stars along with moon were the means to get to know as to what time of the day was it before sun dials came in to the picture.

What is a unit of time?

The term unit of time means that it is basically a specific time interval that is put in to use as one of the standard ways when measuring or even expressing duration. While the base unit of time as per SI or the International System of Units can be defined to be 9 billion oscillations of caesium atom. And as per National Institute of Standards & Technology, it is duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of radiation which relates to transition between 2 hyperfine levels of ground state (of cesium 133 atom).

Smallest unit of time

Planck time is stated to be the smallest unit of time difference which can be used.

List of units of time with their definitions

Unit Definition
Millennium 1, 000 years
Century 100 years
Decade 10 years
Year (average) 365. 242 days / 12 months
Common year 365 days / 12 months
Leap year 366 days / 12 months
Quarter 3 months
Month 28 – 31 days

January, March, May, July, August, October & December – 31 days

April, June, September & November – 30 days

February has 28 days when it is a common year while there are 29 days in a leap year

Week 7 days
Day 24 hours / 1, 440 minutes or 86, 400 seconds
Hour 60 minutes / 3, 600 seconds
Minute 60 seconds
Second Base unit
Millisecond 10 – 3 seconds
Microsecond 10 – 6 seconds
Nanosecond 10 – 9 seconds
Picosecond 10 – 12 seconds

How to use a time calculator?

You will have to fill the details in the fields provided that is day, hour, minute & second & click on calculate to get to the result.