Triangle Calculator

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What is meant by a triangle?

Triangle is a word which is mostly used in geometry. In simple words, a triangle happens to be a polygon which has 3 edges apart from 3 vertices.

Triangle Calculator

Area of Triangle(A):

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What is the use of a triangle calculator?

With the help of the triangle calculator, one would be able to find out not only the edges but also the total area as well as the angles. However, to make use of the triangle calculator, an individual will have to provide the details so as to be able to come up with the result.

Instructions to be followed to use a triangle calculator

An individual will be required to enter the 3 of the six sides as well as the angles of the triangle & once this is done, automatically the rest of the 3 values are calculated by the triangle calculator tool. In other words, the number of the values entered would be able to determine the result.

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Triangle formulae:

\(Here, b = base, h_{{b}} = height, A = Area,\gamma = gamma\)

  1. Triangle formula for area

\(A = \frac{h_b{b}}{2}\)

\(E.g. A = \frac{h_b{b}}{2} = \frac{10.{100}}{2} = 500\)

  1. Triangle formula for height

\(h_{{b}} = 2 \frac{A}{b}\)


\(h_{{b}} = 2 \frac{A}{b} = 2 \frac{500}{100} = 10\)

  1. Triangle formula for base

\(b = 2 \frac{A}{h_{b}} \)


\(b = 2 \frac{A}{h_{b}} = 2 \frac{10}{100} = 0.2\)

  1. Triangle formula for side

\(a = 2 \frac{A}{b sin \gamma}\)

\(E.g: a=2.\frac{A}{2.sin\gamma}=2.\frac{15}{100.sin(15^{{0}})} = 1.15911\)

      5. Perimeter formula for a triangle

\(P = a + b + c\)

\(E.g. P = 10 + 12 + 10 = 32\)

      6. Gamma formula for a triangle

\(A=a\times b\times \frac{sin \gamma}{2}\)

\(E.g: \gamma = sin^{-1} ( \frac{2\cdot A}{a\cdot b})= sin^{-1}(\frac{2\cdot1}{{10\cdot12}})\)

wherein \(\gamma = 0.95497^{o}\) or \(\gamma = 179.04503^{o}\)

Thus, with the above formula apart from the tool, you would be able to calculate various aspects of a triangle.