UK Income Tax Calculator

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UK income tax calculator is simple tax calculator that you use to check tax you pay when you live in any part of United Kingdom. Further this online UK tax calculator estimates your income tax for current year thus helping you to know how much is your take home pay. This tool helps you with calculator for self – employed tax calculator also.

Take home pay calculator UK

Take home pay calculator UK or online United Kingdom calculator tells you about total tax that you pay to the authorities. However you must include some specific amounts to the fields provided so that you know the answer to your query.

UK Income Tax Calculator

Income tax:

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New UK tax rates

To help you further this calculator tells you the amount that you take home yearly post required deductions or exemptions. In addition Scottish income tax rates have been applied as well so that you get to see a final result of things that gives you a clear cut idea of how much you must pay as final tax amount.

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Net tax salary calculator for UK

We can never be so sure as to what will be the total amount of taxes that you are paying on monthly basis as it all depends on total expenses of individual. Further Government of United Kingdom allows you to calculate tax payable only after deductions from salary.

Therefore this net salary calculator helps you out to know how much salary do you take home after monthly (or rather annual) deductions from your salary. In case you are making any kind of national contribution then they also come under income tax deductions.

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Which is best income tax calculator for United Kingdom?

UK income tax calculator that you see online here is best income tax calculator because when you use this service you will have idea of how much tax you should pay. On other hand you will also know about the amount you pay under UK National Insurance and UK Income Tax categories for a particular tax year.

If at all you are part of loans such as student loans or pensions then again you know about your tax amount post deductions. In other words you would have idea of your take home pay whereas when you fall in category of self – employed person then again tax to be paid by such an individual is different.

There are also rules for you to claim income tax refund in UK when you have paid excess tax. This online United Kingdom income tax calculator calculates your tax amount besides net wage.

Therefore you come to know about your take home pay, like we told you earlier apart from PAYE owed to HMRC. However to make use of this calculator you require some details. Below we gave complete list of details required for online calculation of taxes.

How to calculate income tax in UK online

  • First there is requirement of your pay details such as tax year
  • Then you select option of whether you are married or blind or if you live in Scotland
  • Third you mention very clearly if you have to pay student loan
  • Select your age group
  • Specify if there are any other deductions or other allowances
  • You can enter tax code if you are aware of it
  • In the next field you enter pension contribution in percentage or simply total pension amount
  • You may even make a note of childcare vouchers
  • Enter gross income for every year or month or day or hour
  • Specify tax year
  • Select job category from drop down list or enter job category
  • Finally you click on calculate tab to find the answer

Apart from making use of this online UK income tax calculator you may also check formula that is used for calculation of UK income tax.

Calculation of income tax in UK offline

There is offline option by using which calculation of income tax in UK takes place. But for this to happen you must use formula to calculate UK income tax calculator.

Formula to calculate UK income tax calculator

So either by using formula or online income tax calculator you can calculate tax deductions and understand about the amount to be paid in the form of taxes to the Government of United Kingdom.

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