UK sales tax calculator

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Sales tax for United Kingdom is very useful because if you have knowledge about UK sales tax then calculating sales tax becomes simple task. In addition you should know how much will a product cost before you are ready to buy that product. And here sales tax calculation formula is applicable or you may use online sales tax calculator for UK. There is also UK VAT calculator but it is little different from United Kingdom sales tax calculation.

How to calculate sales tax in UK online

There is a simple technique that you put in to use for calculating sales tax but for that you should be ready to enter some values related to sales taxes. It is so because these values determine exactly what will be the amount of sales tax charged on a particular product that you purchase. For the same purpose we listed out one calculator which helps you to calculate sales tax in United Kingdom (VAT).

UK Sales Tax Calculator

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United Kingdom sales tax rate

When you stay in United Kingdom you can see a sales tax rate and this tax rate applies to only things bought in the state of United Kingdom. Moreover these sales tax rates keep changing from time to time as they depend on the price of product besides the kind of service given; whereas goods purchased is also in this category.

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Taxes in United Kingdom

In UK there are many different taxes and all these taxes have different rate. Reason for such a difference is that you do not have any confusion about taxes in the country. You can find a list of tax rates in UK below but you remember that taxes are again divided in to various other segments based up on the category they fall in to –

Sales tax rate type in UK

In UK you find that there is sales tax type rate and these are standard rate / reduced rate and zero rate. In order to calculate taxes in this country authorities use any one of this category and then calculation happens. Therefore when you use online UK tax calculator for sales there is one field which specifically asks you to choose from standard or reduced tax rate. It is only after your selection of tax rates, that you get to know correct answer.

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Products under different tax rates

Under standard rate products are non – alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, electrical products, energy, water for business, secondary food, restaurant, transportation goods and clothing for people aged 14 and above. On other hand goods that fall under reduced rate type tax are energy for domestic, some products for children, elderly, women and pregnant women.

Now that you know different taxes it is best that you read steps given below in order to use online UK sales tax calculator.

How to use UK sales tax calculator online when you select get price plus taxes

  • When you select ‘get price and taxes’ option then you first select year
  • After that you should add price
  • This price excludes taxes
  • In the next field you enter type of rate that is whether it is reduced or standard
  • Once you fill all these details you get answer at the end after you click on ‘submit’ tab

Calculate UK sales tax when you select get price minus taxes

  • In this method you should again select year
  • Second you enter ‘price that includes taxes’
  • Third you enter or select type of rate in standard or reduced type
  • Finally you must click on ‘submit’ button so that you get correct answer

As you are clear about procedure to use sales tax it would be best if you are aware of different taxes applicable in UK as well.

United Kingdom taxes list

  • Personal taxes such as income tax, council tax and inheritance tax
  • Business taxes like corporate tax
  • Sales taxes and duties are of following types – (1) value added tax (2) excise duties (3) motoring taxation and (4) stamp duty
  • Business and personal taxes are another set of taxes in UK and under this capital gains tax as well as national insurance contribution are there

Formula for United Kingdom sales tax calculation

\(United\quad Kingdom\quad total\quad Sales\quad Tax=item cost\quad \times\quad sales\quad tax\quad rate \)

\(UK\quad sales\quad tax\quad rate =\frac{ (total\quad cost – item\quad cost)}{(item\quad cost)}\)

There is a formula that you use to calculate United Kingdom sales tax; however for using this formula you must enter certain values under required fields. So you keep reading to find sales tax calculator for UK.

United Kingdom sales tax calculation formula

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