UK VAT Calculator

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Value Added Tax as you know is added to products and it is similar to sales tax. However VAT is applicable only in European Union and United Kingdom is part of this kind of tax. Whereas in other countries such as United States Sales Tax is applicable. If you are looking for some calculator to calculate VAT then you keep scrolling this page. It is so because you learn how to calculate VAT in UK manually with formula besides using UK VAT calculator.

United Kingdom VAT tax rate 2017

As of 2017 VAT rate in UK is 20 % so all products will be charged at this VAT percentage only which is said to be 20 % Standard Rate. There is also reduced VAT price on some products and it is on some products only. Here reduced VAT is either at 5 % or at 7 %.

UK VAT calculator



VAT rate in United Kingdom for 2017 is 20 %. Like we told you earlier there is reduced value added tax rate on some products. Reduced VAT is at 5 % which is on goods and services such as newspapers, local public transport, food and hotels. In some other cases there is 0 % VAT on goods and services in United Kingdom also.

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Another aspect of VAT in UK is that there is VAT on Goods and Services when you import them from other countries. These countries may not necessarily be part of European Union. In following para you understand steps to use VAT percentage calculator.

Steps to use UK VAT calculator

  • To calculate VAT rate in United Kingdom you first select VAT rate from the list provided
  • Here there are three categories (1) 20 % (2) 5 % and (3) 0 %
  • Next you enter any one of the values that is price excluding VAT or price including VAT
  • When you enter these values automatically you can see the result on screen

Apart from using online UK VAT calculator you may check below formula to calculate VAT manually.

You can even calculate VAT for Germany in simple steps. To know more about it you may read another article.

What is formula to calculate VAT in UK?

\(amount\quad inclusive\quad of \quad VAT = amount\quad excluding\quad VAT + VAT\quad amount\)


\(Amount \quad excluding\quad VAT\times \left ( \frac{VAT \quad rate}{{100}} \quad \right )= VAT\quad amount\)

Hence it is simple task to calculate VAT when VAT is regarding United Kingdom. When you follow above steps all things will be crystal clear. Furthermore you can have a look at how to calculate GST for New Zealand online.