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What is the meaning of unit / unit of measurement?

A definite magnitude of the quantity which is not only defined but also has been adopted by either convention or by law is known as the unit of measurement. In addition to this, it is used as the standard for measurement of same quantity. As far as the other value is concerned then it can also be expressed in the form of a simple multiple of a unit of measurement.

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Apart from this, the definition along with the agreement & the practical use of this unit of measurement have seen to be playing a key role as far as the research is undertaken by humans from years ago till date. Even the systems of units have been put in to use over a period of time. However, with time, SI or the International System of Units has turned out to be the modern form of metric system.

What is International System of Units?

As stated earlier, the International System of Units or simply SI happens to be the modern form of metric system apart from it being the most commonly used measurement system. Moreover, this is made up of the system of units of the measurement which are in turn built on 7 base units. Another aspect of this International System of Units is that it helps in establishing a set of the 20 prefixes to both the unit name & symbols.

Moreover, these units & symbols may also be put in to use when the multiples as well as the fractions of the units are specified. It was in the year 1960 that this system was published though the initiative had begun way back in the year 1948. This system is based on MKS or the metre – kilogram – second system of units & not on the CGS or the centimetre – gram – second system.

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Conversion of units

Conversion of various units of measurement that too for same quantity is known as conversion of units.

What formula is used in a unit converter?

In order to understand, the formula that is put in to use in a unit converter, it would be an added advantage if you have a look at an example that has been listed below –


\(\Rightarrow compare\, 2 \, units \)

\(\Rightarrow let\, us \,now\, convert\, 2 \,inches\, in\, to\, centimeters \)

\(\Rightarrow 2\, inches\,= \,?\,cm. \)

\(\Rightarrow remember\, 1\, inch\,=\,2.54\, cms. \)

\(\Rightarrow 2in \times \frac{2.54\, cm}{1 \, in}=\frac{ (2\,in \times 2.54\, cm)}{1\, in}=\frac{(5.08\, in \times cm)}{1 \, in }=5.08\, cm\)

Formula used in a unit converter

\(number \,of\, inches\, \times \frac{1\, inch\, in \,centimeters\, (that\, is \,2.54\, cm.)}{1 \,inch}\)

How to use an online unit converter?

If you wish to make use of the online unit converter then you will be required to first select enter the number & even select the unit from which it is to be converted to the unit in to which it has to be converted from the drop down menu. Later click on calculate tab to know the result.