US Income Tax Calculator

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US income tax calculator is one of the most important calculators of all times as here you would be able to understand about the tax amount that you have to pay to the respective authorities. You also come to know how much is total federal income tax that you pay on yearly basis. On this page you just have to enter some values and after that you get the result. This calculator is also income tax estimator which helps you to know more about US tax calculator amount besides knowing how much do you take home after deduction of taxes.

How do I calculate federal income tax in United States?

There is a simple process for you to put in to use when calculating US income tax or US federal income tax. So before you actually calculate this amount you should know AGI as here AGI full form is adjusted gross income. This AGI is a value that is most important to know final income tax.

US Income Tax Calculator

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As you know that you cannot avoid taxes so it is your responsibility to pay taxes on time. But before paying taxes you should also know your schedule so that you pay taxes on time. On other hand United States of America made tax laws in such a manner that no individual pays anything extra and amount of income which comes under federal tax laws depends on your income after deductions and other exemptions.

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US federal income tax law deductions

To make it easy for all citizens of United States, tax authorities made simpler rules while these rules also relate to income tax deductions. In this way you get to have exemptions and some tax deductions. However to be a part of these kinds of things you must follow some rules.

Further you remember that total tax is only after calculation of AGI or adjusted gross income. And to know how much is AGI or federal tax amount on your income then you read this article to know exactly how much tax amount do you pay annually.

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Tax amount that I pay

There is also only certain tax amount that you pay to the income tax authorities in the United States of America whereas this is possible only if you fall in income tax brackets. These income tax brackets are single filers, married and filing jointly and married but filing separately.

There is one more tax bracket and it is filed by head of household. So depending upon category of tax bracket you file your income tax.

How to use United States tax calculator

It is a simple method to use United States federal tax calculator as you enter only some values to know exact tax amount. Below you find online US tax calculator apart from formula to calculate tax.

Online United States federal tax calculator

  • In first field you enter your annual salary
  • Next you select tax state
  • Third you click on filing status
  • Further you add information about number of dependents and any other monthly deductions
  • You click on calculate tab to find out annual tax amount that you should pay

Thus in such simple ways you get your answers to your questions on how much is my net taxable income or how much is income tax in US?

Calculate income tax in US by using formula

There is also a formula that you may use to manually calculate income tax amount. Below we gave formula so that you can calculate federal income tax rate in US.

US federal income tax rate calculation formula

\(AGI\quad or \quad adjusted\quad gross\quad income\quad=\quad total\quad deductions-total\quad exemptions\)

Therefore it is quite simple to calculate adjusted gross income by using above formula or you simply may use online US income tax calculator.

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