Van Der Waals Equation Calculator

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Van Der Waals Equation

Van Der Waals Equation is an equation that defines the physical state of a homogeneous gas, and is the change of the ideal-gas equations, and explains about the properties of the actual gases.

(P+ (a/V2))

Van Der Waals Equation Calculator

Calculate Temperature:
Pressure (P):pascal
Number of moles (n):
Volume (V): m3
Measure of the attraction between the particles (a) J*m3/mol3
Volume excluded by a mole of particles (b): m3/mol
Temperature of the gas (T):k

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Where p is the pressure, v is the defined as a volume, R is the constant gas, T is the absolute temperature, and a & b are the constants that depend on the cohesion between both the molecules.

Van Der Waals Equation Calculator

Van der Waals Equation calculator is an online tool, used to solve the problems of Van der Waals equation. This is used to obtain and modify the Ideal Gas equation, this equation is reasonable over the wide range of pressure and temperature which defines the ideal gas equation.  Van Der Waals Equation Calculator is used to calculate the pressure of the gas system with the help of ideal gas law.

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Methods for Van Der Waals Equation Calculator

Step 1:

Firstly, if you want to solve a problem you need to read the problem carefully than list all the values that are given in the problem.

Step 2:

Apply the van der Waals equation formula, and then substitute all the values to get all the equal values.

(P+an2/V2) (V-nb)=nRT

Step 3:

Explain whether the given answer is in proper units or not.

Some of the problems on Van der Waals equation

Calculate the temperature CO2 at the pressure 100bar and volume 3.317 X 10-4 m3/mol that can be used by a van der Waals equation. The van der Waals constants are 0.364 Nm4/mol2 and 4.267 X 10-5 m3/mol.

Step 1:

Given data

P = 100 bar = 10000000 Pascal

V = 3.317 × 10-4 m3/mol

R = 8.314

a = 0.364 N m4/mol2

b = 4.267 × 10-5

Step 2 : 

T = (10000000+(0.364×12)/(3 .317×10-4))×(3.317×10-4-1(4.267×10-5))/(1×8.314 )

T = 463 K

Step 3:

The temperature is given in Kelvin.


The temperature of CO2 is 463 K.