Video Converter

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What is the meaning of video converter?

There are many times when we come across terms like that of the video converter or convert a video or even video encoding. Essentially, the terms listed above mean the same. Hence, we can say that the video encoding is nothing but a process which is known for converting the digital video files from the format they are in, to another format.

Moreover, the term encoding is also widely known as transcoding or for that matter the video conversion. One fact that everyone has to remember is that when something is being recorded then it goes to a certain file format which has specifications according to that file format. But with a video converter by your side, you can change the file format to another format as per your choice.

What is meant by video?

Video is a term that has been put in to use to express that it is an electronic medium which is employed to take up the tasks like the ones listed here – (1) record (2) copy (3) broadcast (4) playback (5) or even display moving visual media. Another aspect is that the video systems in a general sense differ to a great extent especially in not only the refresh rate but also the resolution of the display. In addition to this, videos are for the most part carried on a range of media which is inclusive of the tapes or the computer files or even radio broadcast & that of the DVDs.

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Analog video

There is another expression which is related to videos & it is the analog video which turns out to be the video signal that is transferred with the help of the analog signal. This analog colour video signal has brightness, chrominance & luminance; & when it is combined in a channel, it is known as composite video.

Digital video

On the other hand, the digital video signal happens to format with that of the higher quality & the list is inclusive of digital visual interface (DVI), displayport interface, serial digital interface (SDI) & the high – definition multimedia interface (HDMI).

Steps to be followed when using online video converter

When you have selected this online video converter then you would be required to follow certain steps through which you can have the videos converted to another format. The 1st step would be to upload the video & then select the video format in which you wish to have the videos converted. Once the above steps are completed, you can click on a tab that reads ‘convert video’. With this video converter you can convert files very easily.

What is the use of a video converter?

With this free online video converter, a user will be able to convert videos as per their choice in to a format they have selected. In addition to this, converting videos will also take very less time apart from the final product being of the finest quality available.