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What is the meaning of weight?

The weight which is usually used in science & the engineering fields, is known to be the weight of a said object that is taken as force on the object that too because of the gravity. Weight is a term which is basically denoted by the letter ‘W’ as it is said to be a vector whose magnitude is a scalar quantity. In addition to this, weight is the product of mass ‘m’ of a certain object & that of the magnitude ‘g’ which is the local gravitational acceleration. Hence, the formula comes up to be like the one stated below –

Weight Converter

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There is another simple definition of weight & it is said to be the measure of the intensity of the force which is imposed on the object & this is done by the local gravitational field. Another aspect which is to be kept in mind is that one never has to confuse weight with that of the mass as both these words are miles different. The reason for such a statement is that the weight force of the small objects on the Earth is directed only towards the center of this planet. While for the large objects like that of the Moon which orbits around the Earth, force is generally directed towards center of mass (that too it is of the combined system).

How can weight be understood?

To understand weight, you will have to remember the simple fact that the value measures at or for that matter near the surface of the Earth. Another aspect is that on the earth, weight happens to be proportional to mass. Therefore, those objects which have the same mass will certainly have the same weight. While on the other hand, the object which will have the twice of mass of another object goes on to have twice the weight. However, as stated earlier never get confused with mass & weight as both are different things.

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Unit of weight & measurement

As per the International System of Units, the unit of weight is ‘newton’ & is represented by ‘N’. Spring scale is the instrument through which either weight of object or even an amount of matter is measured. The name of the instrument, spring scale, has been rightly given the name as this scale comes along with a spring. And this spring is the reason for the force in order to oppose gravitational force on an object that is being weighed. As a consequence, while on one hand, gravitational forces pulls down on the other hand, spring either pushes or even pulls upwards. Another important factor to be made a note of is that if by chance this spring scale is taken to the Moon then the reading may very well be wrong.

Formula used in the weight converter


In the above formula which is used in a weight converter, m is stated to be the mass whereas g is said to be the local acceleration of the free fall.

Finally, to use this online weight converter, you can enter the details & click on calculate to know the answer.